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This is a story about how in a reckless way the insurance company If P & C Insurance = "Volvia" is part of the insurance company IF. Car scrap yard company Sapoma Ltd (now a days SH Invest Oy) and Tattarisuo vehicle inspection Ltd have been fooling a number of car buyers. Also Volvo Car is responsible in this case, because they didn´t agree (even though they knew about this case) to examine the possible damages in the car, which they have imported. This case will come again into a day light and "realized" if the car will be in use in the future and airbags would blow up without any reason to someone´s "eyes" with serious consequences. In the same context, the question of liability Trafi story "would be realized."

Corporate Responsibility in If P&C

If has a basic commitment to promote a society in which everyone is able to live safely and securely. Along with the police, rescue services, judiciary and other public authorities, the property and casualty insurance companies play a key role in creating a safe and secure society.

If endeavors to take its social responsibility beyond its business operations. Its principal objective is to constantly act in a manner that satisfies or exceeds the ethical, legal and commercial requirements placed upon the business.

I've often tried to solve this case together with IF and Volvo Car, with no success.

The car has been driven now about 25 000 km. At the time of purchase indicator showed 12 000 km.

Reluctance to solve this case for IF is that there has been criminal activity/actions around this case in own company and the publicity has been tried to avoid in every way.

As a type of offence for IF and Volvia could be for example “abuse of trust" or a "fraud" and for Sapoma / Hiekkaranta type of offence could be "bribery of administration".  And because there were many deals done, the word “continued” could be inserted in front of type of offence. Due to the facts mentioned above, the verdict could be at the end of the upper scale considering the judgment.  The loss for the insurance company IF could go up EUR 100 000: e.g. 20 cars sold for half the price, AVK price for similar car EUR 20 000 and Sapoma price EUR 10 000. The loss for IF is 20 x EUR 10 000 = EUR 200 000. The economic benefit for Sapoma / Hiekkaranta could be same level EUR 200 000, minus "kickbacks"
The answer, which came from Volvo by e-mail:   (18.12. 2008)

  "Sir, Halinen, Safety is Volvo's fundamental values. We cannot unfortunately yet comment this incident, because too much time has passed and we don´t know details for this incident.” However, we will cooperate with the authorities to investigate this case thoroughly”. Sincerely yours, Marco Gustafsson Technical Product Manager "(Volvo Finland).

This didn´t never materialized. So, the statement Volvo has been using that Volvo takes broader responsibility than the business requires and other car brands do (also already at the planning stage) is just a false "verbiage". You can also see that in Volvo's web site, unlike in other larger corporate´s web pages, there is no mentioning about company's corporate responsibility and / or business ethics (see also IF). Why is it done so, it´s because the car dealers do not have any morals?

The complicity of this case is because of, there are so many instances involved: Sapoma Ltd, IF / Volvia (branch in Finland), Volvo Auto Oy, Tattarisuo vehicle inspection Ltd, Jouni Halinen and also Trafi (in smaller scale).

Please note: Sapoma Oy, which is now a days working as car scrap yards has nothing to do with this case, just the name is the same.  Seppo Hiekkaranta sold only the business idea of the company to a new owner, as well as fixed and current assets, buildings on rental property lease along with rental agreements for buildings and business name. In this case, Hiekkaranta broke clearly his duty to inform the buyer of Sapoma Oy, about it´s previous legal disputes, which still are open and which may damage the reputation of the current Sapoma business name, if the case would be released to public

This case has been broadcasted in TV in program name by Kuningaskuluttaja. The problematics of crash repaired cars was in agenda in this specific episode. The program is no longer viewable on YLE Areena, but here is the text in written.

"Kuningaskuluttajassa (KK) today. Crashed car buyers may have to the secret police get busy "

(KK) "Now is the time to change your summer tires and maybe buy it in a car designed for the summer. Used car buyer must, however, always be careful and just to be particularly careful if you are planning to buy a car which had an accident. "

(KK) ", Jouni Halinen (JH) acquired about five years ago the car, which had been a crash almost as new. After an accident, the Volvo had been repaired in one of the Dismantler ".

(JH). "I thought, of course, that he fixes it with new elements are what there has been broken, and it seemed to work pretty well at first."

(KK) "That's what you would expect, if the meter is just over 10 000 kilometers"

(JH) "But these vibrations and the vibrations began, however, it just almost immediately after the purchase, and at the same time became the other little bugs."

(KK) "Halinen started the detective work of the car steps to clarify"

(JH) "I contacted the police and to the first owner and full-time survived, but more and more Tän the car's history. And then it is no longer supported quit when things started to come out, and that the car has some pretty strange history. "

(KK) "It is the year 2005 and Volvo (2 months old) is held by the first owner, the momentum is on the motorway 120 km per hour. The driver of the airbags deployed without reason. Then the driver to lose control of the car and crash into the railing "

(JH) "Here is this car now, then the aftermath of a car crash and it now sees them about the damage and what it has been." (pictures of the car after a crash)

(KK) "And now, the actual marvel. Rutatussa the car was the so-called Volvia insurance, which guarantees can be found in non-life insurer IF. Damage notice it becomes clear that the car's owner had doubts technical airbag fault. IF redeemed the car and sold it to the dismantling of which Halinen bought the car later. Correcting drive is not in any way evästetty The airbag olleesta potential malfunction. Its common sense might say that this is a serious fault suspicion should investigate fully. "

(KK) "What should be done to the car after such a situation."

(TH) Thomas Hallbäck Volvo Car. "This should be the first car repairer circuit that can investigate the situation, what has happened, that whether the airbag is triggered due to a technical fault and whether they have been triggered or not."

(KK) "Would importer or manufacturer of such a situation to examine the car"

(TH) "Of course if there is a suspicion that the control unit has not worked as hoped."

(KK), Eero Heinonen (EH) IF the insurance company as a "Examined car and this is the airbag malfunction in any way in this case"

(EH) "Unfortunately, I can not to this individual case / damage to comment, but in general, if we have information that there is a technical fault, yes we are in connection with the importer, and we aim to investigate the matter,"

(KK) "but now the importer does not knowingly phone calls from"

(KK) "Car Dismantlers kunnostaneella deployed airbags replaced with new pads and the control unit was replaced. All of the system components is not renewed. The workshop provided the registration test paper, according to which the corrected Volvo's safety equipment was tested. So everything is okay, or is not, then, "

(JH), "Well, is not, because when this car was two years ago I got to the register and made ​​this inspection of goods, so the trip to the air bag warning light came on again on fire." This light warns air bag system malfunction. Car is no longer a recently shaved.

(KK) If you have your own car had to marvel at, then caught my eye Halinen also IF the insurance company's operations in other vehicles will crash a few years ago. The same workshop, which restored his Volvonsa, renovated the other IF redeemed cars.

(JH) "All who seemed even remotely repairable, so stand up placards stuck there Dismantlers in the yard."

(KK) "IF is, therefore, smash cars sold forward without removal from the register. This company seems to have departed briskly in the field of a more general way. "

CEO Ilkka Isotalos (Autovahinkokeskus AVK) Opinion of the MM to the supplier, no matter which kind of practice crash cars IF / Volviakin was officially committed.

"Yes, all the orders on the realization of what we are redeemed from insurance companies provide these cars, so this method of treatment is that the same connection is made when the change of ownership, as is also done deregistration".

(KK) "If the insurance company removed from the register a car crash, so after repair the car has had to do a survey before the registration traffic use. Here the question arises, how might register a car parked repaired ".

Eero Heinonen, IF, "It is bad to go to take a stand when I do not feel the case" (see below, paragraph 1).

(KK). "Remove cars nowadays the register."

Eero Heinonen, IF "yes all, the history of the practice may have been, like a dictionary, but the practices are" advanced "(see below, paragraph 2 and 3)

(KK) "If accurate, such a measure is the name of the corrupted removal of traffic. Jouni Halinen the rights of truth in what is complicated by the fact that the car has sold Dismantlers no longer exists (see the lower section 4). The entrepreneur informed the King of the consumer, that he thought the car was repaired properly and with proper parts. This is the car owner strongly disagrees ".

(JH), "mm. the right door is just a raisin, it does not go between the stick and between the window does not open properly ".

(KK) "Well-adjusted crash the car can be a rational purchase, but such a finding is quite a fortune trading without sufficient expertise"

(JH) "Everything has always warned me to crash cars, but I'm now just a thought, because this trade was based on a trust.

Consumer is King ends here.

(1) Surely it Eero Heino lying, so that was replaced wobble. The issues involved him become e-mail: "The relevant detailed account, I would say that I have no comments to make regarding this issue." Regards, Eero Heinonen IF

(2) Surely, this approach still does not have the history of the last cars left the If / Volvia Sapomaan the turn of the decade, and they have been sold Sapomasta or, more correctly, the SH-Invest forward until the present decade. And the Lord Heino has been the case with 100% certainty la IF has to work, and yet the persons supervisor that this "hoax" are the IF / Volvia been running, he said in the "money distribution," I have no information. But I have my own hunch of people who have these cars sandy beach sellers, they are no longer neither the IF / Volvia payroll.

  (3) Automotive "final disposal" transfer = "ways of working" AVK O (Autovahinkokeskus) "hits" in a surprising way at the same date as the Seppo Sandy put Sapoman sale, After all, he could have any to sell this "murky" business forward, so the game was called after both sides the cross and of IF / Volvia began to supply in question. cars of its agreements, the AVK le effective treatment.

(4) The company operates in the ice today as the SH-Invest Oy, that is, only the company name has changed.

Volvo's announcement head of Finnish counterpart to me King of consumers after the

Hello Jouni! KK, I commented on the issue, how to act at a general level, and I have not spoken to the car on the e-678. The car is crashed, repaired and parts replaced elsewhere - and then we do not have the possibility to investigate what had happened. On the repair, we can take a stand and we have no responsibility for it. If you suspect a problem with your car, I think you should examined and possibly repaired, but as we have noted, the Volvo car is not in this part. Regards Thomas

Such a promise I got from Volvo, let's not ever been anything, even if Trafikin had been a Volvo in connection with:

  "Sir, Halinen, Safety is Volvo's fundamental values. We unfortunately can not comment on the incident yet, because too much time has passed since we do not know where the connection points ". However, we will cooperate with the authorities to clarify this issue circumspect ". Sincerely, Marco Gustafsson Technical Product Manager "(Volvo Finland)

This is all of the above set yes marketed by Volvo's own security thinking / culture really strange and very questionable light !. Especially those airbag things seem to be badly Volvo is simple and fast.

That means in practice that this Volvo is not at all factory warranty, this so-called. "Accident" occurred when only 2 months old car. The car should have been submitted as soon as a serious technical fault after the factory warranty on the frame back to the importer, since the IF / Volvia was in possession of all the necessary information about what had happened to the car. It is who is responsible for this matter, I find it hard to assess. Seem to those of IF / Volvia and Volvo car guys also talk about kuningaskuluttajassa the little cross.

It is also obvious that the PMU-678 have been sold Sapomaan clear below cost (this is probably made ​​of a number of other cars with), or EUR 11 000, corresponding to a lot of enemmät mileage Volvo V 70: set (ex taxis?) Paid AVK in those days EUR 20 000 two sides, and even repair the condition "contingent compensation". So, yes someone has a IF Sa "pulled" heavily between these shops, Who is this person is iF Volvia? PH ?.

Why IF / Volvia usually took this "accident" own "piikkiinsä" when it is quite clearly a valid plant under warranty from the car ?. This is clearly one of the IF of its self-interest, "raadosta also like taking kickbacks home," they would no would have occurred if the car would be delivered to the importer.

Here are a couple examples (Iisalmen messages) how seriously other importers do the airbags unjustified firing of up to 10 years old cars. Used as an example Citroen, Ford, and Toyota. But Volvo investigation of these cases are not considered appropriate.

The airbag exploded in the family, the mother Iisalmi (Citroen)

Self-triggered airbag slammed apparently Kati Partanen hand to the windshield, which shattered rytäkässä. Iisalmi Kati Partanen experienced the sons Konstan, 4, and Otso, 2, with the shock of the moments of the end of March, when parked on the street for a family car the front passenger's front air bag went off himself to the family of a mother. I handed the kids in the back seat just toys. I was going to turn back and I was on my knees sideways on the bench. The airbag exploded against my leg. It was a loud bang. The car was filled with smoke and the smell of gunpowder, Kati Partanen says. Kati Partanen and Jarkko ten years old Citroen Xantia engine was turned off, and the power was Kati Partanen, switched on. He says he is confident that the car will come across anything that could have caused the trip. The case is extremely rare, if not unique in the world. Citroen has asked the Iisalmi merkkikorjaamolta information at its plant in France twice already. Deploys the airbag inflates and the ejection of up to 300 kilometers per hour, so wrong for, or used incorrectly it is even life-threatening if impact is applied, for example, the burden of guilt. Car airbag ie the airbag slammed apparently Kati Partanen, second-hand windshield of the car, which went by the impact and broken. The wrist was sore and I went to kuvauttamassa it, but not in the fractures. Thigh became a big bruise.

Ford's airbag went off Iisalmi (Ford)

Ten-year-old Ford Mondeo driver side airbag went off when driving a car carrying the Iisalmi Keijo Putkonen hand on Monday last week. Pillow caused the arm of a big bruise and red rantuja, even Putkonen was thick suede leather jacket wearing. It was a really loud bang. Like a shotgun had been shot in the ear next to it. The injury occurred on a flat gravel road about 60 kilometers per hour. Perched were the other members of the family, the wife Suvi, as well as children Elina, 1, Greenville, 4, and Emmi, 8 Keijo Putkonen praises the good luck that the same thing happened on the motorway. Virhelaukeamisen reason explaining the airbag module in a laboratory in Germany, Bosch, Ford says Oy Ab, Technical Service Manager Seppo Tukiainen. According to him, similar cases have been in Finland by Ford each year one or two.


Also, Toyota's cars have had a few over the years, the airbag being triggered without collision. Bruising worse injuries not caused by passengers, says Toyota Auto Finland Oy, Head of Information Veikko Kuvaja. According to him, the case of the Avensis and Corolla models no longer in production.

Volvo has also had (Trafi request) "to call the" so-called. recall kamppanijan (code R87093) within the framework of a large number of Volvo V 70 cars to be repaired. I call reason is the failure to> the SRS software> Short description of the fault and repair the> motor vehicles in the campaign updated for the airbag system (SRS) software

Here is the web picked by Volvo SRS airbag problems, "especially in a Volvo V 70 model seems to be quite a common problem with the trip computer reading the" SRS Airbag Service urgent "message. Service of the notice is misplaced to the extent that the airbags do work, but the problem is in the instrument cluster !!! Repair It is proposed terms of the exchange of the instrument cluster which will cost about € 1100. So it is quite unthinkable! Gladly exchange the whole car yes, but not from that right now, do not seem to get rid of when it is it even go through inspection "

OHY-678 the situation now. The car has been driven to 26 000 km. A few years ago, the airbag indicator light "broke out" a piece of the + again to display the message "SRS Airbag Service urgent". The fault codes were read by a workshop. The printout told the following: "defects - faulty ECU --MEM - Driver's airbag deployed." Thus, "the computer," according to the driver's airbag is triggered, which should not be the case.

In my opinion, uncalled for triggering of the airbag on the e-678: sa may be due to four as a reason.

  1 Fault as the airbag system, the SRS light is on now. It is also confirmed that the V 70 has had a recall campaign for the airbag system due to faulty software.

  2 Strangely lost "some bar". (Gulf of Volvo service great "wonder" in the subject as soon as "an accident" after).

3 jammed gearbox (automatic), it will be gone once stuck my my time. Transmission began to "jolt" strong at the start, and when you hit the gas, the speed did not increase, but the transmission started keeping an even worse sound. Car was taken to a tow car Sapomaan.

4 The car is the "accident" during the detachment of a tire. Is it a "disaster" the cause or the consequence of ?. There could be, of course, there are other, but when Volvo (even mine was paying for the work) is not, despite several requests, refused to investigate the matter further, then the cause of the problem may be elsewhere.

This little story of how the different parties hard "trying" to find the car of bugs, some have succeeded, others did not.

I went to ask the questions Volvopro to Tattarisuo (on leader K Laine is this car scrap yards imposter good guy) missed the airbag system koodiluentaraporttia and four-wheel orientation of the report, they are not there "found". Four Wheel Alignment car was a doctoral feels wrong (see below), and what is not possible to twist the body because not even get into place. Of the car is not known. the body measurements of the car in the corners of the measuring points can be determined by measuring whether the vehicle's frame bent. However, this is an absolute measure is seriously damaged car at.

Laine K, however, came at my request to see what's wrong with the car, he did not realize immediately that it was a "cheater mate" "fixes" the car. Car engine went to idle, then began to come to a list of possible error: "Shock top perch damaged, the steering shaft Buffer is not in place, the engine mounting points moved, the drive shaft to rattle and vibration." All of this engine is idling in place, a small test just confirmed the bug list.

I bought the car new wheels and tires (off the shutter tire / wheel vibrations), and I took the car Hakuninmaa Autotohtorille, I got there a week long list of chassis potential bugs: Left inner drag link leaked to fat / with clearance, the car jolt to the right turning, left lower radius arm bushings rubber tears, four-wheel trend incorrect, the gearbox end of the moisture (requires further investigation), the steering wheel crooked when driving straight

I drove directly to the autotohtorilta Kaivoksela Biiliaan, told the history of the car again, and I left a copy of the Doctor's Car of the report and a bundle of other things rolling accumulated documents. Result = "Test drive see travel cycle tripp => drive shaft? left. found Autotohtorilla - an estimate on the first - the symptom of 12.8 A, legend: the mid-term vibration => transmission => transmission => manual transmission => the beginning of the joints, drive shafts checked, the car condition / vibration will be the tires & wheels ", I mean just renewed from.

I took the car directly Kaivoksela Biiliasta an authorized Volvo service center in Tikkurila, which I got a week after the written statement from the base of the defect / broken parts and the cost (in thousands of euros) as a remedy to "Front Axle left lower radius arm and the front and rear bushing worn and partially torn, the left inner steering knuckles small amount of play, the left-the front axle inner joint loose, right from the drive shaft end play lacks completely, the drive shaft is too tight. Either the joint / joints is defective or not inserted correctly. Drive shaft is not removed and is therefore assured, whichever the case of excessive stringency cause the engine bottom plastic broken, the air filter housings missing the intake air inlet pipe to the nozzle. "

The inspection of goods a little later, found: "The chassis was found that the left drive shaft was badly loose. The left lower radius arm bushings were badly worn and torn off the rubber parts. When driving the car felt, however, prefer the 200 tkm ajetulta old taxi companies than 27 tkm ajetulta yksityiskäyttöiseltä person from the car. "

This "conditional correction" terms. But when the IF is not in breach of these terms and conditions agreed between Sapomalta required, so Sandy can fix the car fully badly / illegally and restore mobility "familiar" inspection through the office, thus harvested in Finland moves on the road today dozens of ice.

Conditional correction correction terms, which also should be closely monitored (inspection offices) during repair. The procedure is picked Trafi site and applies to all players in the automotive mm. all insurance companies.

- The repair work is done properly and in acceptable working methods. In particular, the safety of structures, as well as safety equipment, operation and characteristics of a return to pre-injury level.

- Repair of spare parts for the origin of the call for investigation.

- When an insurance company oversees the repair, the work should be checked by the insurance company in the manner prescribed, and no later than the agreed work step before painting, rust protection.

- If the vehicle is reported to the condition of the inspector visit, before starting the repair, always consult the control promoter.

- The repair, the seller, or survey, if required, must present an acceptable measurement protocol to the basket and wheel position angles of measurement records.

- Body of the vehicle safety structure and safety equipment must be repaired importer's instructions. The repair work is done properly and in acceptable working methods. Safety features of structures must be returned to pre-injury level.

- The surrender documents handed over to the buyer when the controlled object information is transferred Trafi file and / or control of the supplier has been approved by the job. The technical part of the registration / the sequel may be missing from the transfer documents.

- Inspection Authority must always be supervised repair the case of the present em. Thing in addition to the papers received in connection with damage to the vehicle photographs.

You would think that the insurance company IF / Volvia known em. Practices in the ins and outs, after all, the car damage Centre (AVK) sat on the board for quite some time IF Hin Lepisto representative of the person named.

I got the first owner to me by the power of attorney aided by IF in all documentation of the car, it is a very confusing part of the paper is two different pieces, others missing the date and / or signature, some people have dated more than half a year after the redemption / Sapomalle after the sale, repair cost estimate and to top it all car sales invoice Sapomalle 11 000 euros, that is, about 50% of AVK's then current rates. At the same time I also got a proxy for all of the material accumulated in the police case. For me, the story has accumulated nearly 100 documents contained in the folder.  

Sapoma and Tattarisuo vehicle inspection are also quite clearly violated Regulation, 1258/2002 when Sapoma is installed and Tattarisuo car inspection on the registration inspection of the car have been accepted by a number of used / broken parts. By car had been driven parts of the installation at the time of some 14 000 km, which in practice means that the repair work would have to use only the new parts. And when this "approach" has affected a large number of Sapoman scrap parts repaired "uudenkarheita" cars, so the operation can be considered Sapoman and Tattarisuo car survey of "extended and outrageous." Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Salmon Bay area include both "good brother" (or in this case, the "good brother or sister"), a cup of municipal associations, where things have to be settled by the "brothers and sisters" among. Mrs. Salmon in the Gulf could be a good reason to ask why he has such a regulation behavior in general reduced and the interest which she has received, financial or something else ?. 

Inspection Man I Kuronen (Tattarisuo vehicle inspection) also pointed out to me laconically. "As such, these Sapoman cars have always been a" = Newer crash repaired IF the insurance company as a Sapomaan sold cars have been broken filled with used parts, ie alone, this statement says "everything". In addition, he asked me to take a look at "diagonally" on the left side of the car, the side was just "waves" and the door was installed in its place "force". Kuronen said to me that Peltityö is this car made ​​really badly. 

Setting the restoration of the damaged vehicle, and the vehicle assembly parts. Regulation of validity has been confirmed to me by Toni Director of the Department of Pallas Puro Trafi.

Setting 1258/2002 § 4: Inclination "rehabilitation of the damaged vehicle or assembly of the vehicle parts should be carried out carefully using at least awaiting renovation or sizes of the age of the vehicle and the condition of equivalent parts. Repaired or assembled strength of the vehicle must meet the same age, the undamaged vehicle strength. "

Ed. Article 6 § 1 of the repaired vehicle registration or a change in the survey is a reliable account of what parts are from regular vehicle. Other than the parent vehicle parts originating from the origin is where the inspection office deems it necessary, to provide reliable proof, such as an invoice, customs clearance, or similar.

2 built vehicle parts used in the assembly of the origin is also a reliable account. The report shall be given at least Annex to this Regulation in accordance with the fractionation resolution.

3 Parts origin of the survey will be conducted Vehicle Administration confirmed the formula of the form, accompanied by reports on the origin of the parts. Registration or a change in survey applying for, as well as, if the applicant is different from the owner of the vehicle or the holder of, the owner or holder of the bill of materials must be confirmed by signature. A list of parts needed to compile the data acquisition corresponds to the vehicle's owner or keeper.  

The matter has also confirmed to me motor center (HWC) Mika Hakana

"The setting is clearly valid for all vehicles corrective parties, whether they are redeemed or less damage to vehicles, which will be corrected. The ultimate responsibility is a graduate of the correction on the go. If it is a controlled correction, corrective movement is a case be required to submit documentation of inspection authority re-registration (for example,. Safety protocol, the beginning of the measurement protocol required by the manufacturer's documentation correction performance, etc..  

OHY-678 MLE of the first owner's written statement on the incident.

"I have to wonder just not that thing have progressed beyond the wood. Did not you received it from Orimattilan police interrogation protocol, for I had to put it in there a power of attorney that you get those papers from there and also all the case papers Volvia. I do not yes not much to add to that The car had to drive two weeks before I left that day PADASJOKI towards the drive. Airbag in the fast lane 120 swing went off. I was just in the shaft, the deer are going with the iron railings. The car flew into the left front wheel and I dragged myself to the railing along, I was not able to control the car because I did not see anything because the air bags were deployed. I am so small that the airbag 152 cents covered the whole face. The car was dragged for about 200 meters without tires. That's what took a swing arm, or someone from the bar, or differed from, I no longer remember which. The police informed me that they have finished its investigation concluded that the airbags went off without reason during a ride, and I was not, therefore, been accused of causing a traffic hazard. "

He has also informed me orally that come behind the driver said, "scene of an accident" for him and the police that the car went passed suddenly throw lane without any collision, this is also recorded in the police pre-trial (he was heard witnesses in this story). Ready police investigation also ended in the same result, namely, that the question is a police officer in that car come to a technical fault, and not the so-called. normal suistumisonnettomuus, and the MLE, therefore, guilty of endangering road safety.

This sway bar / rail / swing arm / bar, or "someone rod," said the MLE: le Autosalpa Ltd (authorized Volvo service) K Salminen, he wondered aloud how such could have happened, it was completely different from him, and strange. He confirmed this also to me. K Salminen made ​​cars in the so-called. repair cost estimate. It was around 26 000 euros, which is so much repair would have cost if it had been made by legal means. This "one bar" information MLE also informed verbally and non-declaration of IF / Volvia

This sway bar / rail / swing arm / bar, or "someone rod," said the MLE: le Autosalpa Ltd (authorized Volvo service) K Salminen, he wondered aloud how such could have happened, it was completely different from him, and strange. He confirmed this also to me. K Salminen made ​​cars in the so-called. repair cost estimate. It was around 26 000 euros, which is so much repair would have cost if it had been made by legal means. This "one bar" information MLE also informed verbally and non-declaration of IF / Volvia

Car steering feel was also unusual before the "accident", 3 different people tried out the car before the "accident", and noted the state. The car was to be exported because of this service after the weekend, but it is not, therefore, enough time to do.
Time "toothless" is also Trafi hustle, I have been there, "pomputtaneet" 5 different "master" back and forth, no. help, I have not been there

Trafi retrieved from the website "verbiage

"Transport Safety Agency Trafi secures in our daily journey. Trafi often works in the background so that you may not notice saavasi service Trafi. Trafi keeps mm. care that you receive from teaching driving school is of high quality and that driving the vehicle meets safety and environmental requirements. Trafi experts are involved in the preparation of both the EU and national legislation. "
When Sapoma Ltd / Seppo Sandy has sold it repaired dozens of cars, so would not it, Mr. Sand Beach rentals can rightly be called a worse class cheater, and all other relevant involved in the IF / Volvia and Tattarisuo car roadworthiness assistance to these scams. That is not to say it can not be a fraud (Law 1258/2002 on the further violation of § 4) if you are selling a car the purchase price + the cost of repairs pay more than the new car, and still have the car re-sale price is significantly lower than the corresponding non-crashed their car

Mr. Sandy beach has also been the Finnish car scrap yards Association (SAL) Chairman, that is, if the main man is a moral to this level, so what is the covenant line members. I wonder this issue also because that is why he is usually left to pursue such "autonraatojen" completely immoral and illegal renovation work, because she is otherwise sitteth distinguished, received a mm. President of the Republic issued ympäristöneuvoksen the title, and he was already 70 century founder of Sapoma Ltd is the absolute top of their field

He has also been strongly influenced scrap car recycling legislation in Finland. That is, only one of the business sector seem to have passed horribly wrong. Or, yes I think a little "dusky" also felt it Hiekkaranta any business, in which he dashed "exclusive" Helsinki City streets yesteryears collected by the car carrion, on an annual basis to several thousand. In my opinion, Sapoma did not pay for these cars (at least not "directly" to the City) no, the city also carried a cost in question. Sapomaan cars, with some luck, the city still paid for this, Sandy was built around the same time as "gaudy" sauna area scrap yards in the premises, this tells its own osaltansa how it may have been treated.

This business, however, raised Sapoman net sales and operating profit% tin goes on forever at a high level, almost 50% of the net sales, this year around 2008, when China took every possible scrap metal, and the price was consistent with it. In addition, the revenue generated going to the scrapping of all the cars landed in marketable spare parts, which are for resale. To the private car which brought Sapomaan recycling, Sandy gave ten bucks voucher nearby the liquid. Sales revenue (scrap metal + sold spare parts), however, these too were the cars of hundreds of euros per car, Moreover, the landings of the cars were recovered fuels, and they were sold on the black ahead.

Today, modern Sapoma probably take care of this metal recovery after competitive bidding on (year) contract ?. This could, however, the City of Helsinki Audit check so that things are in this respect the present ice taxpayer's interest in the condition. I believe it to exist.
Online products: NOTE: This is not directly related to the PMU-678 story, but tells the problematic of the so-called car crash. in general

"Car stacking of two different car can be seen from underneath the bottom of exploring and searching for welding seams, welds should look out from the inside under rugs or carpets. The engine room may review whether to keep the frame or serial numbers as registration with. Harvested crash the cars moving wild stuff. One of them tells of the case, which had an accident with a car airbag has been replaced with concrete, but the air bag indicator light works as it should. In fact, I also know a case where a tripped the airbag is replaced by a simple resistor and light is given to understand that the pad is operating normally, "says insurance companies redeemed smash cars to be repaired to sell Auto Injury Centre's technical expert Maura Tomi Danger. "For example, the functionality of the airbag is not any ordinary buyer can not confirm: it survives only in the discharge of the car," Maura says Danger. "Redemption gone cars are always removed from the register and when they want to repairs then back to the road use, they must be inspected for registration again." Maura believes that the risk of buying a car crash is not necessarily a bad purchase, if you know its history.

"No official information on Finnish roads returning to harvested crash the cars do not have. Car crash Injury Centre car sales data lead us to conclude that there are thousands of them. Some of the harvested crash the cars are imported cars. The recently came against Germany imported so to speak, a better car, which left the owner time and time again on the road. At purchase, the Finnish owner did not have a crash history of any information. In fact, I would not buy any kind of car crash, "says Auto Union Security Services, Head of Unit Jonne Luomala.

"After the crash the car sold us forward, we will ensure that they will be safe transport. Revitalization respect, we put a repairer conditions, in particular with regard to the safety of structures, Body Engineering the development of a revised car crash detection is becoming increasingly difficult. The biggest problem with crash cars that insurance companies are not redeemed: they are often repaired so that the repair and collision will not miss any marking on the registration document, "says Auto Injury Center's CEO Ilkka Isotalo.

  In consequence, I was awakened suspicion, wondering if OHY-678: in the driver's air bag at all, the facts: it is not made ​​of the airbag system check after repair at all, and the warning light is on now, and the fault codes reading gave the "wrong" result, "the driver's airbag deployed," I'm 've heard that modern ice in the most convenient, easiest and cheapest way to "fix" the driver's airbag is to replace it with urethane, the other air bags can be left "calmly" completely installed, and by putting the above in accordance with the resistors to fool the SRS system.

Also, all the other who feel fooled by Seppo Hiekkaranta can be contacted me, he has to other people grossly in favor of using accumulated so much property that it is possible to receive compensation on the basis of certified fraud, tort law, a 10-year expiration time (serious offenses) within the framework.

That's what I've found out that all of the sector in a responsible bodies (the EU-level instruments while waiting) have created a väliaikaisversion = correction terms, which all players are committed to. The Treaty of my information with the following entities. All auto insurance companies, Auto Injury Center (AVK), Motor Insurers' Centre (HWC), the Finnish assessment of the damage (OSF), Inspection Offices, Finnish Car Recycling Ltd, and Trafi. The job should work so that when the damaged car leaves the EM parties "cycle" so there "when exiting" has been removed from the register, Repair Status is set at 1 for repair, the car a little and easy to repair. 2 Car damaged worse, repair work will be closely monitored, the inspector visit, spare parts and receipts to show the body and four-wheel alignment to be measured, check the safety devices function more may come forward, Inspection Offices are Trafi all question. car repair work of the revision of the documents.
But even if the system is so well built so the insurance company IF / Volvia is made ​​to the "hole" that allowed 10 cars carried on a sandy beach, a multi-annual and systematic corruption to bypass the official route, all of which were still up in the registry. and nonsense without correction terms. So I as well as many other badly damaged cars had to be repaired fully badly formal system. And the end result is the broken parts repaired by unqualified traffic useless cars. Nykyjäänhän Autovahinkokeskus (AVK) does not sell anymore full linttoja even as spare parts to anyone, only Kuusakoski.

If you like this person, therefore, to try to sell you a car Hakaniemen Square corners, so I would advise to think twice. and Renault, and Volvo brand of cars to watch out for yet separately.